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Available Courses

  • SE 487 Advanced Database Systems
  • This course presents introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of databases and focuses on the relational model of data. The course covers the following topics: formal query languages such as relational algebra, relational calculus, and Datalog; commercial query language SQL; query optimization; relational database design theory; physical database design.
  • This class is an introduction to Object Oriented programming, techniques, practices and applications. It extends what was learned in CS101 (Programming I) by enabling students to use classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Furthermore the students learn to use recursion, searching, sorting and data structures such as array lists and linked lists. The course involves students in working on individual and group projects that can be submitted by a due date.
  • This course covers the software development process, from requirements elicitation and analysis, through specification and design, to implementation, integration, testing, and maintenance (evolution). A variety of concepts, principles, techniques, and tools are presented, encompassing topics such as software processes, project management, people management, software requirements, system models, architectural and detailed design, user interface design, programming practices, verification and validation, and software evolution. Although the emphasis will be on modern approaches some more traditional software engineering techniques will also be discussed.

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